About DaaZ.com

DaaZ.com is the digital goods marketplace, will connect the buyers and sellers. We have launched beta version on 15th August 2018, allowing the trade of domain names as the first good category.

Platform is open for all buyers. Sellers will be on-boarded purely on invitation based. If you are interested to join as a seller, please write to support@DaaZ.com expressing your interest, our support team will do the needful.

DaaZ Team is a passionate bunch of professionals with an average age of 28 years, with a mix of experience and freshness. Team has the seasoned professionals who has over 15+ years of experience of developing digital platforms and few youngsters who are graduated two years before 😊.


A Go To Digital Goods Market Place


Make the life of buyers and sellers easier to transact with each other in a trusted way. We will listen to our sellers and buyers and make the platform of their choice.

What we are trying to solve?
  • Over 335 Million Domain Names are already registered and almost 50% of them are used by their current owners and almost 50% are unused. We are trying to make a difference in improving this ratio.
  • Unused domain name asset owners want to offer them for sale, they clearly deserve to have a seller’s friendly platform.
  • Loads of buyers in search of a perfect domain name for their business or a personal website, couldn’t identify the right domain name at the affordable prices, this leading to huge frustration. Certainly, deserve a buyer’s friendly platform.
How we are going to be unique?
  • DaaZ Team has 10+ years of experience of both on buying and selling domain names, so the same experience has been used to make this awesome platform.
  • Sellers want to keep the maximum returns on sale proceedings, loves to keep the overall end to end sale cycle shorter, prefer to receive the payments quickly, Friendly customer support.
  • Buyers want the value for money and the domain name of their choice at affordable prices, A trusted platform, Quick receival of the domain name once the payment is completed, Friendly customer support.

All those above stated ingredients you can notice in our platform and as well as in our service. Just give a try, we are confident you will be a happy DaaZian 😊.

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