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DaaZ Secure - Secure your domain names by DaaZ domain marketplace

DaaZ Secure Transaction

Worrying about your domain name secure transactions?

You don’t need to! Yes, you heard it right. You can now securely do transactions of your domain name with DaaZ's new feature i.e, "DaaZ Secure Transaction."

What is DaaZ Secure Transaction?

It is a new feature in DaaZ domain marketplace, which helps you to securely transact your domain name sales using DaaZ Secure Transaction option.

The seller can sell domain names securely without taking chargeback risk.

It is highly trusted feature for buyers  and also has 20+ different payment methods to choose.

Who can start DaaZ Secure transactions?

The DaaZ secure transactions can only be started by a 'seller' .

If the buyer agrees with the deal, he/she will accept the offer and completes the payment formalities.

 How much is the price for a domain name?

The price of a domain name should be 10 USD or more.

 How much the DaaZ Secure Transaction charges (DaaZ Secure service fee)?

It charges a minimum of 5 USD or 5% of the transaction amount or whichever is greater. The VAT charges are only applicable to UK and European Union customers.

How does it work?

For Seller:

First, you need to login to your account and create a transaction with the help of the instructions given on the page.

The buyer's Email Id, buyer's Phone number, domain name, price, and fee details need to be entered in the given fields.

You have three price options such as USD, EUR, GBP.

In Fee details, You have an additional options to pay the DaaZ Secure service fee like,

  • Buyer   
  • Seller    
  • 50% Buyer /50 % Seller

Not only this you can also review the details you have given and if you feel some changes need to be made you can edit it using the edit button.

We are always there to help you, if you have any concerns then reach to our support agent by just clicking on the chat with us and leave your message and submit it.

 Sit back! You don’t need to do anything once you create a transaction, you are done! Our agents will help you and guide you step by step.

DaaZ Transfer Agent secures the domain name from the seller and hands over the domain to the buyer and DaaZ Transfer Agent will process the payment to the seller after the domain name handover process to the buyer is completed.

For Buyer:

If you are a buyer, you will receive an email verification link.

If you are a registered member with DaaZ the verification link will be automatically redirected to the login page and if you are not a registered member you will be asked to create an account.

Create an account by just adding your name, Email Id and password it is just as simple as that!

Once you login you can verify the accuracy of the transction details. You can either accept or reject or ask for an amendment.

If you like and agree with the offer, go to the checkbox and then click on the accept button and complete the payment.

After the buyer completes the payment, if the transaction is canceled for what so ever reasons, DaaZ service fees will not be refunded and the buyer is accountable for 100% fees.

For an educational video related to the DaaZ secure feature click here.

Advantages of Daaz Secure Transaction:

Secure Transactions:

With DaaZ Secure Transactions your domain names sales are securely handled and transacted by us.

Save Time:

You can save a lot of time, as you will be get assisted by the well trained transfer agents.

Buyers benefit:

DaaZ assigns a transfer agent to personally asssit you to give a smooth end to end buying experience.  Seller will get paid after receiving the confirmation from the buyer, so you are secured. 

Sellers Benefit:

 The seller gets confirmation from the DaaZ Secure Transaction when the buyer accepts the offer, so you don’t need to keep an eye on that.

We work round the clock to ensure you have the regular updates and also you are protected from any charge backs. 


Stress free, Happily, & Securely transact your domain name sales with “DaaZ Secure Transaction!”

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