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Free Domain Auctions : Submit your domain names anytime!

It is an excellent opportunity to sell your domain names using the DaaZ domain marketplace auction feature.  A number of domain investors are using the auction feature to sell their domain names quickly.  

Absolutely zero submission fees if you have a quality domain name to auction,  our motto is simple... " Help our sellers to have a regular cash flow" and at the same time "We prefer quality over quantity!." 

Below outlined categories are eligible for any time free auction submissions. 



Examples & &

.COM & & & &



.CO & &

.CO.UK & &

.AI & &

.IO & &



  • Only the registered sellers are allowed to participate in this offer, so please sign-up (
  • The domain name(s) to be added to your DaaZ's portfolio and point the domain name servers to &
  • Be pragmatic on reserve prices, we may not allow a domain name into the auction if we realize the reserve price is unrealistic
  • Once a domain name is in the auction , it's not possible to withdraw and also reserve price can't be changed
  • If a specific domain name is auctioned and not sold, we don't allow the same name into an auction for next 60 days from the time of auction closure
  • The domain name will be auctioned for 7 days (Default option), you can also opt for 24 hours or 3 days auction. 
  • We have the right to decline a domain name into the auction for undisclosable reasons
  • We have the right to withdraw this promotion offer any time without giving any prior notice


How the domain names can submit into auction?

You have two options here,

Live Chat Support: Engage with our friendly live chat support team. All we need is the domain name you are looking to auction, the reserve price (if any), and the number of days (1,3 and 7) you are looking to auction.

Ticket:  If the live chat support is not available,create a ticket clearly specifying the domain name, the reserve price, and the number of days you are looking to auction.

 Fees Involved:

1) Zero submission fees

2) 8% success Fees

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