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Sell Domain Names with Lightning Fast - DaaZ Domains Store

Sharing of your Domain Portfolio is easy now!

Domain Store option is a unique feature designed to save time and money of Daazian's. Imagine if you have 30,000 domain names of portfolio and you want to sell them.

Do you need to share 30,000 times? Not anymore, because of the new feature from Daaz, It's the Domains Store.

The Domains Store for DaaZ Sellers:

It is your personalized domains store. You can choose your brand URL to share your store details to your prospective buyers. Sounds good? But that's not enough, DaaZ offering 4 sharing options Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Telegram.

Sounds perfect? Wait there is much more.

Multiple Options:

If the seller changes their mind after sharing the portfolio link to an interested buyer, there is an option to disable the link of the URL.

So How it works?

To use the Domain Store, the seller needs to go to the settings tab, then select store settings and enable domain store. Then click on Preview your store. It will automatically redirect the seller to DOMAINS STORE option.

The seller can share his portfolio link to multiple social media platforms or else simply copy the URL and share with anyone.

If the seller wants to disable the URL, again go to the Settings tab, store settings and select disable option.

This feature helps the seller for managing their portfolio more effectively.

Search Process:

Domains Store page can be accessed by anyone. We can check for the seller's inventory with ease of search option.

If the seller disabled the Domains Store, no one has a chance to access the Domain store page

Advantages of DaaZ's Domain Store Feature:

  • Share with ease 
  • Disable and Enable domain store any time
  • Better chances to sell a domain name faster.


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